12 Office Hacks for Organization

The monotony of a nine-to-five office job has the ability to drive any sane person mad. This feeling gets even worse when your coworkers refuse to refill the coffee or your burrito falls apart at lunch. 

Just as easily as a few problems or minor frustrations at work can spoil the entire week, these simple office hacks can bring an equal amount of joy to help you turn that week around.

Luckily, using a few binder clips and some other common office objects, you can improve your workspace with the below simple tips and tricks.

1. Coffee mugs are great for holding burritos

Coffee mugs make a great holder for a burrito

2. Replace broken keyboard feet with binder clips

Replacing the broken keyboard feet with binder clip arms 

3. Create a headphone hook

Binder clip arms can be used to create headphone holder

4. Keep your headphones tidy

Keep your headphones tidy with a binder clip as well

5. Manage your cables

Manag your cables with binder clips

6. Organize the desk

Most importantly organize the desk

7. Make a phone stand with binder clips

Phone stand by using binder clips

8. Toilet paper?

Toilet paper rolls to manage cables

9. Turn old technology into new

Turning old technology into desk organizers

10. Control the direction of the Wi-Fi signal

Wifi direction office hack

11. Use your charger to open a bottle

MacBook Charger to open bottles

12. Create a tea filter with a Styrofoam cup

Create a tea filter with a styrofoam cup


If you have any productivity hacks that have changed the way you work, we’d love to hear them! Share them on our Facebook page or leave in the comments below.

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