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Holiday Specials

FREE light bamboo tops, FREE shipping & 25% OFF Best Selling Accessories


Get My Desk Upgrades Code

FREE Light Bamboo Top with a Glossy Gray StandDesk & 25% off these Desk Upgrades:
  • Standing Desk Deluxe Memory Controller  $37.49 (msrp $49.99)
  • StandDesk Stabilizing Crossbar $37.49 (msrp $49.99)  
  • Locking Casters for Standing Desk  $22.49 (msrp $29.99)
  • Under Desk Cable Management Tray  $52.49 (msrp $69.99)
  • Under Desk Cable Management Taco  $59.99 (msrp $79.99)
  • Commercial Grade Power Strips $37.49 (msrp $49.99)
  • Grommet Hole Power Adapters  $29.99 (msrp $39.99) 

And since it’s the HOLIDAYS why not FREE SHIPPING too :)

* Supplies are limited, Free Bamboo Offer is automically applied to the price, so no discount code is needed.  Fill out the form to get your Desk Upgrades discount code.

** This offer cannot be combined with any other offer and excludes shipping + applicable taxes. This offer is also not applicable to B2B purchases.